Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Giving Respect

It occurred to me earlier today (January 5th, 2009) that when one complains, one is usually upset about something (don’t worry, this is not what became prominent to me earlier today). To give you an example, there is a teacher at my school who also attends my church. She is a kind, middle-aged lady who is very dear to me, considering that I have known her my entire life. Her son is my youth pastor as well. Anyway, some of my classmates complain about the work she gives us. The worksheets are pretty much the soul of their complaining. As I have sat in class after class (not just in my teacher’s class, but in other classes) about how hard the worksheets are. They are though-provoking, sure, but it has led me to the question: “Are you afraid to think?” When I stand up for my English teacher, there is the peer-pressure beginning to weigh down on me. To bend to their argument. I as well have some trouble with the more thought-provoking questions, but I persevere, unlike my friends who read the question, give one second of thought, and give up. As Ephesians 5:1-21 says, we are to do what is pleasing to the Lord and imitate Him to the best of our abilities. Inevitably, we will do something that displeases Him. When this happens, we are to pick right back up where we left off (before our displeasing action) by asking for His forgiveness and for His help in not doing it again.


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