Saturday, October 4, 2008

How Can you Lord?

Here is a song which I was inspired to write from a situation I had a while ago, feel free to comment. The Chorus is meant to be sung or recited (I don't have it in music because I am not a musician) after each verse:

Verse 1
How can you forgive me so?
How can you love me Lord
when all I seem to do is sin?
You say to me Lord,
that you hate the sin I do.
So how Lord?
How can you love me so?

Forgive me Lord!
I have sinned, my God!
Rebelling against you
with my very thoughts.
My Eternal Lord,
I have sinned!
Love me God!

Verse 2
I am the worst,
the worst of all your works.
Only you my God can know,
know how wicked I am!
How is that you love me?
The worst of your creation!

Verse 3
Curse me Lord!
Suffer for me no more!
Send me to Hell in your place!
I ask of thee my God,
die no more for me!
I will suffer for my sin!

Verse 4
I plead to you Lord,
do not take my place!
I do not wish for your death!
I nailed you to the cross!
I gave you over to die!
Do not die for me Lord,
I will face the wages of my Sin.

Verse 5
I love you my Eternal Lord!
Give me damnation in your stead!
Do not save me from my sins.
Suffer no more for me.
No more pain bear for me!
I love you my Christ!

Verse 6
How can you suffer so?
Why do you die for me?
How can you bear the Wrath,
of your Father, The Holy God,
because I have sinned?
Why do you Love me so?

Verse 7
Why do you bear the constant pain,
of my sins on your back?
How can you love me,
a sinner?
Only you can know,
how wicked I truly am.
How can you suffer for me?

Verse 8
I now know why,
you suffer so.
It is because you are Jesus.
The Savior, Emmanuel, and Son.
Because your very being is,
infused with the Love of God!

Verse 9
I thank you Lord!
O my God,
I now know that you will die,
for me no matter what I say!
I am Saved!
I am yours!
I give you thanks my King!


Shawn Edwards said...

Any comments?

Olivia said...

awww. That was great Shawn. Very beautiful. It reminds me of David's Psalms very much.