Friday, January 9, 2009

The Cellular Phone Catastrophe

The problem I have is when students will take out their cell phone during school and text someone (most likely another student).  But what really gets under my fingernails is when you confront them in a nice, Christianly way and they deny it your face!  Today, one of my friends had a decent ‘excuse’ to why he was texting.  He is usually not one to lie and he gets a guilty look on his face when you confront him, which is good and bad.  While he requested me not to divulge exactly why he was texting during class, I will give you the jist of it.  One of his friend’s heart is failing.  They opted for a heart-transfer and found out that her kidneys are failing.  There is a medicine that can either prolong her life for five years or she won’t even make it past the end of this year.

Since I attend a Christian school, everyone is sometimes assumed to be a Christian, but certain actions  done by my piers obviously lead to the conclusion that in fact they are not Christians.  Some of the topics of conversation are not at all godly.  While I do disagree with the assumption that just because the name of our school has the name “Christian” in it.  But I do think that because of that very reason, we should act differently than the public schools.  We should have a better attitude.  This includes having our cell phones off duirng school.  Technically, we aren’t even supposed to have them at school anyway!  Another misuse of a good piece of technology.

If one claims to be a Christian, they need to start acting like it.  A few good starters for doing this is: 1. Keeping your shirt tucked in (another problem my male schoolmates seem to have) 2. Keeping the cell phone off.  O-F-F OFF!  3. Learning to not complain would be another nice addition.  These are just a few of the pet-peeves I have regarding this subject.  It really ticks me off, but I have learned to cope with this.


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Life Savior said...

I don't know about the shirt though. That seems a little "over-the-top!"